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English Roses

Benjamin Britten Rose

Benjamin Britten

[Ausencart] Very fragrant, double cupped rosette, red with a touch of orange, vigorous, with dense growth. 1.5m. [PVR]
Brother Cadfael Rose

Brother Cadfael

[Ausglobe] Very fragrant, large double, deeply cupped, medium pink on a tall bush. 1.5m. Trademarked.
Charles Austin Rose

Charles Austin

Very fragrant, very double, large cupped, apricot and yellow on a tall bush. 1.5m.
Charlotte Rose


[Auspoly] Very fragrant, medium to large cup shaped, soft yellow on a bushy plant. 1.3m. [PVR]
Claire Austin Rose

Claire Austin

[Ausprior] Very fragrant, cupped buds of a pale lemon open to form large creamy white flowers. Elegant arching shrub, strong and healthy. 1.5m or 2-3m as a climber. [PVR]
Claire Rose

Claire Rose

Fragrant, large double, blush pink paling to almost white on a tall bush. 1.5m.
Fishermans Friend Rose

Fishermans Friend

Very fragrant, double rosette shaped, deep garnet crimson. 1m.
Golden Celebration Rose

Golden Celebration

[Ausgold] Very fragrant, double large cup shaped, rich golden yellow, makes a nicely rounded but slightly arching shrub. 1.2m. [PVR]
Grace Rose


[Auskeppy] Very fragrant, double, of perfect rosette form, dark apricot in middle paler towards the edges, forms a good branching shrub repeating flowers very well. 1.2m. [PVR]
Graham Thomas Rose

Graham Thomas – Shrub/Climber

[Ausmas] Strong fragrance, medium cupped, rich pure yellow, upright bushy growth. Makes an excellent climber. 2m. Trademarked.
Happy Child Rose

Happy Child

[Auscomp] Delicious tea rose fragrance with cupped flowers of deepest yellow. 1m. [PVR]
Jubilee Celebration Rose

Jubilee Celebration

[Aushunter] Delicious fruity rose scent with hints of lemon and raspberry. Large domed flowers are of a lovely rich salmon pink with tints of gold on the underside of the petals. Very free flowering. 1.2m.…
Lady of Megginch Rose

Lady of Megginch

[Ausvolume] Fruity old rose fragrance, very rich deep pink flowers large cupped rosette shaped. Very healthy. 1.2m. [PVR]
Lady of Shalott Rose

Lady of Shalott

[Ausnyson] Pleasant warm tea fragrance. Buds are a rich orange red opening to cupped shaped blooms with salmon pink on the upper side petals and golden yellow reverse. Flowers throughout the summer. 1.2m. [PVR]
Leander Rose

Leander – Shrub/Climber

Very fragrant, very double, clusters of deep apricot. 2m.
Lichfield Angel Rose

Lichfield Angel

[Ausrelate] Light fragrance, double neatly cupped rosettes of creamy apricot turning to creamy white. Vigorous rounded shrub. 1.2m. [PVR]
Lilac Rose

Lilac Rose

Very fragrant, double rosettes of a delicate lilac. 90cm.
Lilian Austin Rose

Lilian Austin

Fragrant, semi double, salmon pink with orange and apricot shadings, nice bushy plant. 1.2m.


[Ausmol] Strong tea rose fragrance, double, rich yellow, even upright growth and has little or no disease, very prolific. 1.2m. [PVR]
Othello Rose


Very fragrant, large very double, deeply cupped rich dusky crimson aging to shades of purple and mauve. 1.5m.
Perdita Rose


Very fragrant, large double quartered, blush apricot, strong bushy growth. 1m.
Pretty Jessica Rose

Pretty Jessica

Very fragrant, double and cupped, warm rich pink, free flowering. 1m.
Princess Anne Rose

Princess Anne

[Auskitchen] Tea rose fragrance of medium strength. Double flowers of deep pink almost red with a hint of yellow on undersides of petals. Upright bushy growth. 1m. [PVR]
Prospero Rose


Fragrant, double, rich crimson fading to purple. 60cm.
Radio Times Rose

Radio Times

[Aussal] Strong old rose fragrance, double beautifully domed formation and of the freshest pink colouring imaginable. 1m. [PVR]
Sir John Betjeman Rose

Sir John Betjeman

[Ausvivid] Light fragrance, double flowers of a bright deep pink getting darker with age. A healthy and very bushy shrub. 1.2m. [PVR]
Skylark Rose


[Ausimple] Light but pleasing fragrance, semi double cupped flowers of a deep pink, paling slightly to lilac pink. The growth is light and airy building up into a natural well rounded shrub. 1m. [PVR]
Sophy's Rose

Sophy’s Rose

[Auslot] Light tea fragrance, double flat rosette shaped, light red. Upright bushy and healthy growth with good repeat flowers. 1.2m. [PVR]
Tea Clipper Rose

Tea Clipper

[Ausrover] Very fragrant, flowers are rosette shaped and quartered, apricot. Tall shrub with not many thorns. 1.5m. [PVR]
Teasing Georgia Rose

Teasing Georgia – Shrub/Climber

[Ausbaker] Pleasant medium to strong tea rose fragrance. Flowers are a rich deep yellow fading to palest yellow on edge. 1.2m or 2m as a climber. [PVR]
Tess of the D'urbervilles Rose

Tess of the D’urbervilles

[Ausmove] Fragrant, double, bright crimson, robust bushy and spreading. 1m. [PVR]
The Alexandra Rose

The Alexandra Rose

[Ausday] Soft musk rose fragrance, single coppery pink flowers with a yellow centre, hardy and disease resistant. 1.3m.
The Dark Lady Rose

The Dark Lady

[Ausbloom] Very fragrant, large double, dusky crimson, bushy growth. 90cm. Trademarked.
The Endeavour Rose

The Endeavour

[Ausdisco] Strong fruity fragrance, double full blooms of salmon pink, bushy growth. 1.2m. Trademarked.
The Mayflower Rose

The Mayflower

[Austilly] Strong old rose fragrance, medium sized flowers of deep rose pink. Growth is bushy. 1.2m.
The Pilgrim Rose

The Pilgrim

[Auswalker] Fragrant, double, medium yellow paling towards the edge. Bushy shrub to 1.3m or small climber to 2m. [PVR]
The Wedgwood Rose

The Wedgwood Rose

[Ausjosiah] Strong fragrance, double medium to large flowers of a soft rose pink. Vigorous growth forming a large rampant shrub or climber. Very healthy rose. 1.5m or 3m as a climber. [PVR]
Wildeve Rose


[Ausbonny] Fragrant, double rosette shape, blush pink in bud opening to flowers of blush touched with apricot. Long arching branches on a wide mounding shrub, makes a good ground cover with a mass of flower.…
William Morris Rose

William Morris

[Auswill] Strong fragrance, flowers are a lovely glowing pink. A tall shrub with attractive arching growth. 1.5m.
Windrush Rose


Light spicy musk fragrance, large semi double, soft yellow flowers with yellow stamens, strong bushy growth and flowers freely also producing large hips. 1.3m.
Wise Portia Rose

Wise Portia

Very fragrant, fully double, purple and mauve. 80cm
Wisley 2008 Rose

Wisley 2008

[Ausbreeze] Delightful fresh fruity fragrance, double flowers in perfect rosette formation of pure soft pink. Elegantly arching growth on a vigorous shrub. 1.5m. [PVR]
Wollerton Old Hall Rose

Wollerton Old Hall

[Ausblanket] Climber. Very strong fragrance, beautiful very rounded flowers of soft apricot fading to cream. Bushy upright growth, extremely healthy. 3.6m. [PVR]
Yellow Charles Austin Rose

Yellow Charles Austin

Very fragrant, large fully double, lemon yellow, on a tall bush. 1.5m.