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Modern Bush Roses

Akaroa rose

Akaroa – FL

[Mattanstill] Double flowers of soft pink to strong cherry to cerise with a white reverse, cover the compact bushy plant. 90cm. [PVR]

Ali Mau – FL

[Tan97159] Double full blooms of creamy peach pink with glossy mid green foliage. 1m. [PVR]

American Home – H.T.

Very fragrant, fully double, dark red, profuse. 1.2m.

Andrea-Jane – H.T.

[Macberli] Delicate fragrance, large double flowers of rich cream edged red fading to soft pink on outer petals, perfect for picking, a strong sturdy bush. 1.3m. [PVR]
Anniversary Rose

Anniversary – FL

[Mattlace] Strong healthy bush of porcelain pink, good disease resistance with glossy darker green foilage, profuse. 1.3m. [PVR]
Aotearoa Rose

Aotearoa – H.T.

[Macgenev] Very fragrant, double of perfect form, soft salmon pink, profuse. 1.3m. [PVR]
Apricot Scentasia Rose

Apricot Scentasia – Patio Spray

[Sunapscent] Delightful fragrance, lovely soft apricot, vigorous, excellent cut flower, good in a large container. 80cm. [PVR]
Auckland Metro Rose

Auckland Metro – H.T.

[Macbucpal] Very fragrant, double, lovely creamy white, profuse. 1m.
Avalanche Rose

Avalanche – FL

[Jacav] Blooms of creamy white on a vigorous plant, profuse. 1.5m. [PVR]
Baby Jack Rose

Baby Jack – Shrublet

[Dichairdo] Semi double burgundy purple flowers fading to a smokey lilac freely produced on a low growing plant. 50cm. [PVR]
Beach Baby Rose

Beach Baby – FL

[Cambabe] Large strong trusses of orange to salmon flowers similar in form to Sexy Rexy. Dark green healthy foliage, profuse. 1m. [PVR]
Best Friend Rose

Best Friend – H.T.

[Meisionver] Very fragrant, double, unusual pink flowers born on an upright bush. 1.5m. [PVR]
Best Wishes Rose

Best Wishes – FL

[Dicdyna] A stunning display of bright yellow flowers on a plant that is super healthy and quick to repeat. 1.4m. [PVR]
Betty Boop Rose

Betty Boop – FL

[Wekplapic] Semi double flowers open yellow edged red, and fade to a creamy white edged red. Vigorous, glossy foliage, medium spreading growth, very healthy. 1.2m.
Big Purple Rose

Big Purple – H.T.

[Stebigpu] Very fragrant, large double, deep purple, vigorous bushy growth. 1.3m.
Black Knight Rose

Black Knight – H.T.

Very fragrant, double, crimson shaded blackish, vigorous. 1.3m.
Blackberry Nip Rose

Blackberry Nip – H.T.

[Somnip] Powerful old fashioned fragrance, double, deep unfading purple blooms of medium size, early to flower and very profuse, good repeat flower. 1m. [PVR]
Blue Moon Climbing Rose

Blue Moon – H.T.

Very fragrant, well formed double flowers of silvery lilac. 1m.
Celebration Rose

Celebration – H.T.

[Cocgrand] Very fragrant, very double and quartered pearl pink flowers. Plants are vigorous with good foliage. 1.2m. [PVR]
Chartreuse de Parme Rose

Chartreuse de Parme – H.T.

[Delviola] Very fragrant, large flowered shrub rose, deep pink to mauve blooms, repeats. 1.3m.
Chicago Peace Rose

Chicago Peace – H.T.

Fragrant, double, salmon pink in centre lighter pink on edge of flowers on a bushy plant. 1.2m.
Christchurch Remembers Rose

Christchurch Remembers – FL

[Somcrimart] Double scarlet red flowers which darken around the edges with age. The blooms last well on the plant or in a vase. A healthy rose. 1.2m. [PVR]
Clodagh McGredy Rose

Clodagh McGredy – H.T.

[Macswanle] Delicious scent, double, delightful soft golden amber blooms paling to buff, with elegantly poised and ruffled petals. Vigorous compact bushy growth. 1m
Colleen Rose

Colleen – H.T.

Fragrant, large double, creamy white to pink at edge, vigorous growth. 1.5m.
Deep Secret Rose

Deep Secret – H.T.

Very fragrant, large double, deep dark black red, profuse. 1.3m.
Diamonds Forever Rose

Diamonds Forever – H.T.

[Mattdiafor] Fragrant, double, soft yellow paling out at edges. Good for picking with strong compact growth. 1.2m. [PVR]
Dignity Rose

Dignity – H.T./FL

[Athyspoon] Amazing scent, very double, lilac mauve, in big clusters and some single stems. 1.2m. [PVR]
Elina Rose

Elina – H.T.

[Dicjana] Slightly fragrant, large double perfectly formed pale creamy yellow flowers on a strong healthy plant. 1.5m.
Empress Farah Rose

Empress Farah – H.T.

[Delivour] Long lasting well formed blooms of ivory, tinted with rose red around the petal edges. A vigorous and strong rose. 1.5m.
Erotica Rose

Erotica – H.T.

Very fragrant, large double, dark red flowers on a tallish vigorous upright plant with glossy dark green foliage. 1.2m.
Everlasting Love Rose

Everlasting Love – FL

[Gralove] Double, scarlet, good picking rose blooms last well. Will give a good display always in flower. 1m. [PVR]
Eye Paint Rose

Eye Paint – Shrub

Single, scarlet with white eye, profuse. 1.8m.
Faithful Friend Rose

Faithful Friend – H.T.

[Dicchange] Warm golden apricot blooms with a swirl of petals, set on rich glossy green foliage. 1m.
First Love Rose

First Love – H.T.

Fragrant, semi double, soft blush pink with deeper shadings, profuse. 90cm
Fond Memories Rose

Fond Memories – FL

[Mackrasna] A lovely soft pink flower, perfectly formed blooms, large for a floribunda, are produced in small clusters on a vigorous plant. 1.2m. [PVR]
Fragrant Cloud Rose

Fragrant Cloud – H.T.

Very fragrant, double, coral red to geranium red, free flowering. 75cm
Friesia Rose

Friesia – FL

Very fragrant, double, bright unfading yellow, profuse. 1.2m.
Frilly Jilly Rose

Frilly Jilly – FL

[Horjilly] Fragrant, semi double, frilly apricot flowers aging to gold. Free flowering on a very healthy plant. 1m. [PVR]
Glorious Rose

Glorious – H.T.

[Interictira] Fragrant, large double, clear mid yellow flowers with light to mid green glossy foliage, good repeat flower. 1.2m.
Gold Medal Rose

Gold Medal – H.T.

[Aroyqueli] Double, deep gold tipped orange on a tall plant. 1.5m.
Golden Centennial Rose

Golden Centennial – H.T./FL

[Athygold] Fragrant, double, dark apricot in bud paling to golden apricot with age. Flowers profusely all summer. 1.5m. Trademarked.
Golden Jubilee Rose

Golden Jubilee – FL

[Tan00774] Very double flowers of clear yellow on a compact shrubby plant. Mid green glossy foliage. [PVR]
Hayley Westenra Rose

Hayley Westenra – H.T.

[Tangust] Fragrant, double, shades of apricot with highlights of cream and peach, good repeat flowers. 1.2m. [PVR]
Heart of Gold Rose

Heart of Gold – H.T.

[Macyelkil] Deep yellow blooms of perfect form produced on a big strong healthy bush. 1.3m.
Honey Child Rose

Honey Child – FL

[Interabflo] Fragrant, double, vibrant apricot orange, profuse. 1m.
Honky Tonk Blues Rose

Honky Tonk Blues – FL.

[Pejamblu] A sweet powerful fragrance on a semi double rose bearing probably the truest blue flowers to date. Colour starts as a rich mauve fading to a slate blue. Compact upright bush flowers freely throughout…
Hot Chocolate Rose

Hot Chocolate – FL

[Simcho] Large double, russet brown, vigorous, good repeat flowering. 1.3m.
Hot Pants Rose

Hot Pants – FL

[Horjones] Semi double flowers of a deep hot pink with silver white reverse. A very healthy rose, flowers through out the summer. 1.2m. Trademarked.
Hot Topic rose

Hot Topic – FL

[Somartmina] Fruity fragrance, pure rich orange frilly flowers that age to apricot. Compact growth to 1m. Trademarked.
In Loving Memory Rose

In Loving Memory – FL

[Mattlign] Double red flowers in clusters are produced non stop all season on an upright bushy plant with lush green leaves. 1.2m. [PVR]
Jack Frost rose

Jack Frost – FL

[Somicecart] White flowers with a slight pink blush in the bud stage. Very healthy rose with a slightly spreading growth habit. 1m. Trademarked.
Jacqueline du Pre Rose

Jacqueline Du Pre – Shrub

Musk fragrance, semi double, creamy blush to white with red stamens, repeats well on a tall very healthy plant. 1.5m.
Jillian McGredy Rose

Jillian McGredy – FL/H.T.

[Macarnhe] Fragrant, double, lovely soft pink flowers produced in clusters are of perfect H.T. form on a vigorous bushy and healthy plant, prolific. 1.3m.
Just Joey Rose

Just Joey – H.T.

Fragrant, large, coppery orange, profuse. 1.2m.
Kate Sheppard Rose

Kate Sheppard – FL

Fruity fragrance, semi double flowers of salmon pink. Blooms in flushes throughout the season. Very healthy. 1.2m.
Kathryn Mansfield Rose

Kathryn Mansfield – H.T.

[Meilanien] Delightful old world fragrance, double, lavender, prolific growth on an upright bush. 1.2m.
Kiwi Rose

Kiwi – H.T.

[Wekpaltlez] Fragrant, double, reddish brown, grows into a healthy and vibrant well proportioned plant. 1.2m. [PVR]
Kronenbourg Rose

Kronenbourg – H.T.

Slightly fragrant, large double flowers of crimson flushed silver and yellow. Free flowering. Sport of Peace. 1.5m.
Land of the Long White Cloud Rose

Land of the Long White Cloud – H.T.

[Maclanoflon] Huge fragrance, double, white, disease resistant, profuse. 1.3m. [PVR]
Landora Rose

Landora H.T.

Large double flowers of deep yellow, blooms in flushes throughout the season. 1.2m.
Lasting Love Rose

Lasting Love – H.T.

[Adabreton] Powerful fragrance, double, dusky red buds open to showy deep red blooms. Glossy foliage and compact growth. 1.2m. [PVR]
Lest We Forget Rose

Lest We Forget – FL

[Mattzac] Double, vibrant blood red, masses of flowers, repeats well all season, compact growth. 80cm. [PVR]
Lilli Marlene Rose

Lilli Marlene – FL

[Korlima] Fragrant, double, deep velvety red, growth bushy and upright. 1m.
Little Miss Perfect Rose

Little Miss Perfect – FL

[Somgle7] Medium sized double coral flowers on a small compact healthy bush. 60cm. [PVR]
Love Always Rose

Love Always – H.T.

[Fryracy] Light fragrance, double large soft pink flowers on long stems. Very healthy vigorous growth. 1m. [PVR]
Love Heart Rose

Love Heart – H.T.

[Somsirwith] Good fragrance, double vibrant red blooms on long stems with few thorns. 1.5m. [PVR]
Love Me Do Rose

Love Me Do – H.T.

[Camdo] Very fragrant, double, ivory flowers open to a warm peach centre. Very free flowering on a healthy bush with glossy green foliage. 1m. [PVR]
Loving Care Rose

Loving Care – FL

[Athymovi] Very fragrant, reddy purple double flowers on a very healthy bush, flowers throughout the summer. 1.2m. Trademarked.
Loving Memory Rose

Loving Memory – H.T.

[Korgund] Lightly fragrant, large double, crimson scarlet on strong stiff stems. Good for cut flower and exhibition. 1.5m.
Luminis Rose

Luminis – FL

[Jacfabse] Sweet fruity fragrance, double clear white cup shaped flowers on a healthy plant that repeats all season. 1.5m. [PVR]
Magnifi-Scent rose

Magnifi-scent – H.T.

[Jalreddelicious] Strong damask fragrance, crimson red flowers that repeat well on a bushy plant. 1.2m. [PVR]
Many Happy Returns Rose

Many Happy Returns – Shrub

Fragrant, semi double, blush pink to blush white on a low spreading plant. 90cm.
Margaret Merril Rose

Margaret Merril – FL-H.T.

[Harkuly] Very fragrant, delicate white tinted soft pink, good for picking. 1.3m.
Massey University Rose

Massey University – H.T.

[Macwhitba] Delightful fragrance, large double flowers of glowing orange salmon, healthy matt green foliage. 1.3m.
Midnight Blue Rose

Midnight Blue – FL

[Wekfabpur] Strong fragrance, large trusses of small semi double flowers of deep rich purple with a centre of golden stamens. Compact plant with not many thorns. 80cm to 1m. [PVR]
Moody Blues Rose

Moody Blues – FL/H.T.

[Macmooblu] Large well formed, medium lilac blue strong grower, healthy foliage, profuse. 1m.
Moondance Rose

Moondance – FL

[Franski] Fragrant, single flowers of lilac in lovely sprays on a healthy leafy plant. 90cm. [PVR]
Mum in a Million rose

Mum in a Million – H.T.

[Poulren013] Shrub. Very strong fragrance, large old fashioned shaped soft pink toned flowers with long stems for picking. 1.5m.
My Girl Rose

My Girl – H.T.

[Macnijmeg] A mixture of deep pink to pale pink and white on a beautifully formed bush. The plant is short, but vigorous and very bushy. The colour holds in the sun. 1m. [PVR]
My Love Rose

My Love – H.T.

[Athypacros] Very fragrant, double, white with a hint of pink, a tall vigorous plant. 1.5m. [PVR]
Nelson Girls Rose

Nelson Girls – H.T.

[Chewalma] The classic formed blooms are creamy apricot tinged with pink, set against dense glossy green healthy foliage. A tall spreading grower. 1.5m. [PVR]
Old Port Rose

Old Port – FL

[Mackati] Fragrant, double quartered, rich deep burgundy purple, profuse. 1m. [PVR]
Opulence Rose

Opulence – FL

[Peawinner] Double, black red very ruffled flowers with rich golden stamens in large clusters, sturdy growth to about 80cm
Outta The Blue Rose

Outta the Blue – FL

[Wekstephitsu] Spicy scent, small double flowers of rich magenta, deep wine and lavender occasionally flecked cream, vigorous and free flowering. 1.2m. [PVR]
Pacific Glory Rose

Pacific Glory – FL.

[Somlinone] Medium sized double flowers of lavender pink with tan tonings in the bud on a slightly spreading medium tall very healthy bush. [PVR]
Papa Meilland Rose

Papa Meilland – H.T.

Very fragrant, large double, dark velvety crimson, profuse. 1.2m.
Parnell Heritage Rose

Parnell Heritage – H.T./FL

[Delpar] Fragrant, double, red, old world style blooms, profuse and repeat flower. 1.3m.
Pascali Rose

Pascali – H.T.

[Lenip] Lightly fragrant, double, creamy white, vigorous compact bush, good for picking. 1.2m.
Paul Gauguin Rose

Paul Gauguin – H.T.

[Jacdebu] Double, warm red tonings and bright white stripes against the healthy dark green foliage. 1.2m.
Paul Holmes Rose

Paul Holmes – H.T.

[Macwyom] Light fragrance, large double, soft creamy yellow and golden apricot, glossy rich green foliage. 1.5m.
Pavarotti Rose

Pavarotti – H.T.

[Dicjoon] Perfectly formed blooms in a true rich non fading red, early to flower with good repeating, picks well. 1.3m. [PVR]
Pavlova rose

Pavlova – FL

[Grapaula] Medium sized flowers of cream. Tidy bushy growth to 1.2m.
Peace Rose

Peace – H.T.

Slightly fragrant, large, light yellow with cerise pink edge, long lasting. 1.5m.
Pearl Drift Rose

Pearl Drift – Modern Shrub

[Leggab] Fragrant, semi double, white shaded pearl pink, ground cover shrub. 90cm.
Phar Lap Rose

Phar Lap – H.T.

[Jaclap] Deep glowing velvet red blooms perfect for picking. Medium sized bush. 1m. [PVR]
Picotee Rose

Picotee – Patio

[Somcarpaint] Semi double ruffled flowers of pink and white produced in large clusters that smother the plant. Is quick to repeat, compact bushy and very healthy. 70cm. [PVR]
Playboy Rose

Playboy – FL

Lightly scented, almost single, bright orange yellow flowers with golden stamens. The plant is vigorous with a bushy free branching habit. 1.3m.
Pope John Paul ll rose

Pope John Paul ll – H.T.

[Jacsegra] Very strong fragrance, double pure white flowers. A well shaped bushy plant. 1m. [PVR]
Precious Platinum Rose

Precious Platinum – H.T.

Fragrant, double well formed bright red blooms with bushy upright growth, good for picking. 1m.
Princess of Wales Rose

Princess of Wales – FL

[Hardinkum] Pretty buds open into pearl white attractive blooms that smother the bush right through to Autumn, compact bush of 80cm. [PVR]
Princess Royal Rose

Princess Royal – H.T.

[Dicroyal] Beautiful golden apricot blooms of good form on strong stems with a lovely fragrance and excellent for picking. 1.2m.
Purplelicious Rose

Purplelicious – FL

[Ora2347] Fantastic fragrance, fully double neatly formed rosettes of deep purple. Rounded growth habit. 1m. [PVR]
Raspberry Ice Rose

Raspberry Ice – FL

[Korweiso] Large double, silver white edged raspberry red, a tall strong healthy plant. 1.5m.
Remember Me Rose

Remember Me – H.T.

[Cocdestin] Lightly scented, double, large coppery orange with a hint of red on the edges, dark glossy foliage on a spreading bushy plant. 1.2m.
Roma rose

Roma – Miniature/Patio

[Georgen] Masses of small rich red flowers that keep their bud shape as they open. Deep glossy green foliage. 80cm. [PVR]
Royal Dane Rose

Royal Dane – H.T.

Very fragrant, large double flowers of orange copper with red outer petals, lovely unusual colour. 1m.
Royal Philharmonic Rose

Royal Philharmonic – H.T.

[Hardeed] Lightly fragrant, double, pristine white with the faintest hint of pink in the bud. Sturdy bushy growth. 1.5m. [PVR]
Ruby Wedding Rose

Ruby Wedding – H.T.

Slightly fragrant, shapely ruby red flowers of medium size, with loosely arranged petals when fully open. Growth bushy and tidy. 60cm.
Sally Holmes Rose

Sally Holmes – Shrub

Fragrant, large single, creamy white with yellow stamens, repeats well on a tall very healthy plant. 1.8m.
Scent to Remember Rose

Scent to Remember – FL

[Somspice] Fragrant, double, peachy apricot blooms on a medium sized bush. Quick to repeat. [PVR]
Scentasia Rose

Scentasia – Patio Spray

[Sunscent] Delightful fragrance, lovely soft creamy yellow, vigorous, excellent cut flower, good in a large container. 80cm. [PVR]
Scott Base Rose

Scott Base – FL.

[Somfrilla] Fragrant, double creamy buds open to white flowers, healthy spready growth. 1m.
Serendipity Rose

Serendipity – FL

[Haramity] Spicy fragrance, large semi double canary yellow flowers, profuse, on a lovely bushy plant. 1m.
Sexy Rexy Rose

Sexy Rexy – FL

[Macrexy] Fragrant, very double, delicate pink, profuse. 1m.
Shangri La rose

Shangri-La – FL

[Somromart] Masses of well formed shell pink blooms on an upright plant with a slightly spreading habit. 1.3m. Trademarked.
Simply Stunning Rose

Simply Stunning – H.T.

[Delstun] Fragrant, large deep velvety red, old world style blooms. 1m.
Sir Tristram Rose

Sir Tristram – H.T.

[Attbright] Shapely double blooms of dark velvety red. Lasts well in a vase. The blooms are very weather resistant. 1.2m. [PVR]
Sky Chaser Rose

Sky Chaser – FL

[Diclingo] Double flowers of bronze apricot on a very strong robust plant, rich deep foliage. Super healthy. 1.2m. [PVR]
Slice of Heaven Rose

Slice of Heaven – Patio

Masses of fully double blooms in shades of lemon, flowers continuously through out the season. 1.3m.
Smart & Sassy rose

Smart & Sassy – H.T.

[Jalbrilliant] Fragrant, tea rose shaped flowers of velvet red with golden reverse. Good for cut flower. 75cm. Trademarked.
Solitaire Rose

Solitaire – H.T.

[Macyefre] Fragrant, double flowers of yellow flushed with peach. A vigorous tall bush.
Special Occasion Rose

Special Occasion – H.T.

[Fryyoung] Lightly perfumed, double, apricot gently flushed with pink and orange. 1.3m.
Spirit of Hope Rose

Spirit of Hope – H.T.

[Machahei] Brilliant blood red flowers with a velvety texture are carried in long stemmed trusses on a healthy glossy leafed plant. 1.5m. [PVR]
St Marys Rose Rose

St Mary’s Rose

[Somcarlem] Fragrant, double, lemon centre to cream on edge of  flowers. Bushy growth. 1m. [PVR]
St Patrick Rose

St Patrick – H.T.

[Wekamanda] Soft fragrance, double, yellow with green tinge, good for cut flower, robust growth, repeat bloom is excellent. 1.2m.
Starry Eyed Rose

Starry Eyed – Shrub

[Horcoexist] Hundreds of small single white edged red flowers with yellow stamens cover the bush all season through, very healthy bushy plant. 1.3m. Trademarked.
Strawberries & Cream Rose

Strawberries & Cream – FL

[Horradhe] Fragrant, double, strawberry red striped cream fading to pink and cream, free flowering on a healthy plant. 1.4m.
Sunline Rose

Sunline – H.T.

[Somwarmag] Large double blooms of golden yellow with a delicate pink orange glow to the petal edge. Matt green foliage on a well formed bush. 1.3m. [PVR]
Sunny Honey Rose

Sunny Honey – FL

Fragrant, double, unusual blend of apricot and peach tones, medium sized compact bush. 1.2m.
Sunstruck Rose

Sunstruck – H.T.

[Weksunvoye] Fruity fragrance, large double flowers of deep yellow gold brushed apricot orange. Perfect for picking. 1.4m.
Super Trouper Rose

Super Trouper – H.T.

[Frymerlin] Double bright orange flowers on long stems perfect for picking. Healthy with lots of flowers. 1.2m. [PVR]
Sutters Gold Rose

Sutters Gold – H.T.

Very fragrant, large double, golden yellow shaded with orange and pink, upright vigorous plant very free flowering. 1.2m.
Sylvia Rose

Sylvia – H.T.

[Korlift] Fragrant, fully double, clear rose pink. 1.3m.
Tahlia rose

Tahlia – FL

[Waltahlia] Fragrant, large double deep pink with a creamy centre and a yellow reverse. Tall upright growth. 1.5m. Trademarked.
Tess Rose

Tess – H.T.

[Macramar] Tall, ultra healthy creamy pink with huge masses of very large blooms of perfect form in the early and half way stages but becoming quartered like a cabbage rose. 1.5m.
Thank You Rose

Thank You – Patio

[Athyou] Fragrant, small double soft pink flowers on a compact healthy plant, profuse. 60-80cm. [PVR]
The Shire Rose

The Shire – FL

[Wekcobeju] Fragrant, semi double flowers of rustic copper and smoked lavender. Glossy foliage on a bushy plant. 90cm. [PVR]
The Wedding Rose

The Wedding Rose – FL

[Geaaward] Lightly scented double white flowers on a small compact plant, free flowering. 80cm. [PVR]
Tintinara Rose

Tintinara – H.T.

[Dicuptight] Lightly fragrant, vibrant fiery orange salmon, loose petalled blooms hold remarkably well and is non fading. Medium to strong grower with good disease resistance. 1.5m. [PVR]
Top Shelf Rose

Top Shelf – FL

[Somseber] Double flowers of terracotta on an upright compact bush. Deep shinning green foliage. 1m.
Tropical Skies Rose

Tropical Skies – H.T.

[Interdays] Sweet scent, a brilliant combination of yellow and red ruffled petals. Strong upright growth, healthy dark green foliage. 1.5m. [PVR]
Truly Amazing Rose

Truly Amazing – H.T.

[Athydoug] Fragrant, semi double red to apricot and pink in bud, opening to a large soft apricot pink flower with yellow and red stamens. Healthy bush. 1.2m.
Trumpeter Rose

Trumpeter – FL

[Mactru] Bright orange red flowers on a compact plant, this will stand out in any garden. Very free flowering. 1m.
Waimarie Rose

Waimarie – H.T.

[Mattwai] Fragrant, rich mauve pink rosette shaped flowers above reddish green foliage. Strong grower with medium to tall bushy habit, good disease resistance. 1.3m. [PVR]
White Meidiland Rose

White Meidiland – Groundcover/Shrub

Slightly fragrant, pure white flowers in clusters on a bushy spreading plant. 60cm.
Wild Cherry Rose

Wild Cherry – FL

[Somredsky] Semi double flowers of cherry red with a silver reverse, healthy spreading bush.
William McCarthy rose

William McCarthy – Shrub

[Jalwilliam] Fragrant, double silver pink flowers in small clusters on a bushy well branched plant. 1.2m. Trademarked.
Wonder Our Amelia rose

Wonder Our Amelia – FL

[Walamelia] Medium sized hybrid tea style blooms of pink on a bushy upright plant. 1.2m. Trademarked.
Wonder Royale City Rose

Wonder Royal City Rose – FL

[Jalapri] Beautifully formed hybrid tea type blooms of salmon pink, good for cut flower. 1.2m. Trademarked.