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Modern Bush Roses

Abracadabra Rose

Abracadabra – FL.

[Korhocsel] Light fragrance. Novelty colouring of burgundy red striped yellow cream with each bloom magically displaying its own individual combination. Some flowers can be completely one colour. 90cm.
Absolutely Fabulous Rose

Absolutely Fabulous – FL.

[Wekvossutono] Strong fragrance, double flowers of butter gold on a healthy bushy plant. Very free flowering. 1m. [PVR]
Akaroa rose

Akaroa – FL

[Mattanstill] Double flowers of soft pink to strong cherry to cerise with a white reverse, cover the compact bushy plant. 90cm. [PVR]

Alexander – H.T.

Slightly fragrant, brilliant vermillion blooms, profuse,vigorous. 1.8m.

Amber Flush – H.T.

[Interfluco] Fragrant, double flowers of apricot amber, good for picking. Upright and bushy growth. 1.2m. [PVR]
Aotearoa Rose

Aotearoa – H.T.

[Macgenev] Very fragrant, double of perfect form, soft salmon pink, profuse. 1.3m. [PVR]
Apricot Scentasia Rose

Apricot Scentasia – Patio Spray

[Sunapscent] Delightful fragrance, lovely soft apricot, vigorous, excellent cut flower, good in a large container. 80cm. [PVR]
Avalanche Rose

Avalanche – FL

[Jacav] Blooms of creamy white on a vigorous plant, profuse. 1.5m. [PVR]
Best Friend Rose

Best Friend – H.T.

[Meisionver] Very fragrant, double, unusual pink flowers born on an upright bush. 1.5m. [PVR]
Betty Boop Rose

Betty Boop – FL

[Wekplapic] Semi double flowers open yellow edged red, and fade to a creamy white edged red. Vigorous, glossy foliage, medium spreading growth, very healthy. 1.2m.
Blackberry Nip Rose

Blackberry Nip – H.T.

[Somnip] Powerful old fashioned fragrance, double, deep unfading purple blooms of medium size, early to flower and very profuse, good repeat flower. 1m. [PVR]
Blue Moon Climbing Rose

Blue Moon – H.T.

Very fragrant, well formed double flowers of silvery lilac. 1m.
Blushing Pink Iceberg Rose

Blushing Pink Iceberg – FL

[Proberg] Fragrant, semi double, a blend of white brushed with exquisite pink on a healthy plant with masses of flowers all season. 1.4m. Trademarked.
Brilliant Pink Iceberg Rose

Brilliant Pink Iceberg – FL

[Probril] Fragrant, semi double, bright cerise pink and silvery white, free flowering. 1.5m. [PVR]
Burgundy Iceberg Rose

Burgundy Iceberg – FL

[Prose] Fragrant, semi double, burgundy flowers cover the plant all summer, free flowering. 1.5m. [PVR]
Cafe Rose

Cafe – FL

Fragrant, very double, coffee amber flowers, low spready growth. 60cm.
Camille Pisarro Rose

Camille Pisarro – FL

[Delstricol] The eye catching really novel flowers will captivate you with their mixed splashing of yellow, pink, cream and red. Very healthy rose. 1m.
Carolyn Rose

Carolyn – H.T.

[Maccolumb] Very fragrant, double, salmon pink with very healthy foliage. 1.3m.
Catherine rose

Catherine – H.T.

[Mattlaslo] Very fragrant, double vibrant pink, bronze green glossy foliage. 1m. [PVR]
Celebration Rose

Celebration – H.T.

[Cocgrand] Very fragrant, very double and quartered pearl pink flowers. Plants are vigorous with good foliage. 1.2m. [PVR]
Celtic Cream Rose

Celtic Cream – H.T.

[Dicxcalibur] Fragrant, double, lime lemon tinted bud opening to a large rich golden cream, good for picking. 1.5m.
Chicago Peace Rose

Chicago Peace – H.T.

Fragrant, double, salmon pink in centre lighter pink on edge of flowers on a bushy plant. 1.2m.
Christchurch Rose

Christchurch – H.T.

[Fryleyeca] Rich orange flowers that are produced in profusion on matt green foliage. 1m. [PVR]
Christophe rose

Christophe – FL

[Dicjovial] Light fragrance, vibrant tangerine orange flowers on an upright strong growing plant with mid green foliage. 1m. [PVR]
Claude Monet Rose

Claude Monet – H.T./FL

[Jacdesa] Very fragrant, double flowers of apricot & yellow with stripes of pink, good disease resistance, vigorous with good repeat blooming. 1m.
Colleen Rose

Colleen – H.T.

Fragrant, large double, creamy white to pink at edge, vigorous growth. 1.5m.
Crimson Bouquet Rose

Crimson Bouquet – H.T.

[Korbeteilich] Double vibrant crimson blooms with lustrous dark foliage. Sturdy and compact very healthy bush. 1.2m. [PVR]
Cup Fever Rose

Cup Fever – H.T.

[Mattmusp] Fragrant, double with unusual coloured flowers of parchment beige. Bush to 1m. [PVR]
Cupid rose

Cupid – Patio

[Somcarflow] Small cherry red patio rose which smothers itself with masses and masses of flowers too many to count. Has dark glossy foliage and is a very healthy rose. The bush forms a very tight…
Diamond Design Rose

Diamond Design – H.T.

[Somirevan] Very fragrant, large double flowers of creamy white with rose pink edges, healthy compact bush. 1.2m. [PVR]
Diamonds Forever Rose

Diamonds Forever – H.T.

[Mattdiafor] Fragrant, double, soft yellow paling out at edges. Good for picking with strong compact growth. 1.2m. [PVR]
Dignity Rose

Dignity – H.T./FL

[Athyspoon] Amazing scent, very double, lilac mauve, in big clusters and some single stems. 1.2m. [PVR]
Elina Rose

Elina – H.T.

[Dicjana] Slightly fragrant, large double perfectly formed pale creamy yellow flowers on a strong healthy plant. 1.5m.
Enchantment Rose

Enchantment – FL

[Poulskov] Shapely blooms of soft salmon pink, low and compact, profuse. 1m. [PVR]
Everlasting Love Rose

Everlasting Love – FL

[Gralove] Double, scarlet, good picking rose blooms last well. Will give a good display always in flower. 1m. [PVR]
Eye Paint Rose

Eye Paint – Shrub

Single, scarlet with white eye, profuse. 1.8m.
Fellowship Rose

Fellowship – FL

[Harwelcome] Fragrant, double, spanish orange to the warmth of glowing embers. Excellent bedding and hedging rose, compact and tidy growth. 1.2m.
Freedom Rose

Freedom – H.T.

[Dicjem] Very fragrant, a strong yellow bloom of a deep unfading nature, very free flowering with an interesting centre as the bud unfolds. A very robust plant but not over vigorous with a glossy mid…
French Lace Rose

French Lace – FL

[Jaclace] Fragrant, large well formed, ivory white, profuse. 1.2m.
Friesia Rose

Friesia – FL

Very fragrant, double, bright unfading yellow, profuse. 1.2m.
Glorious Rose

Glorious – H.T.

[Interictira] Fragrant, large double, clear mid yellow flowers with light to mid green glossy foliage, good repeat flower. 1.2m.
Golden Gift Rose

Golden Gift – H.T.

[Somoldglo] Very fragrant, double yellow flowers on a small compact plant with glossy foliage. 1m.
Hayley Westenra Rose

Hayley Westenra – H.T.

[Tangust] Fragrant, double, shades of apricot with highlights of cream and peach, good repeat flowers. 1.2m. [PVR]
Heaven Scent Rose

Heaven Scent – H.T.

[Orafarcom] Very strong fragrance, double flowers of lilac blue, good for picking and a vigorous grower. 1m. [PVR]
Henri Matisse Rose

Henri Matisse – H.T.

[Delstrobla] Mild fragrance, double, red striped with light pink and white, good for picking. 1.2m.
Hi Ho Silver Rose

Hi Ho Silver – H.T.

[Athysumo] Very fragrant, double, lovely flowers of silvery lilac and grey with a hint of pink in the bud. Very healthy plant and quick to repeat. 1m. [PVR]
Hot Pants Rose

Hot Pants – FL

[Horjones] Semi double flowers of a deep hot pink with silver white reverse. A very healthy rose, flowers through out the summer. 1.2m. Trademarked.
Hot Topic rose

Hot Topic – FL

[Somartmina] Fruity fragrance, pure rich orange frilly flowers that age to apricot. Compact growth to 1m. Trademarked.
Iceberg Rose

Iceberg – FL

Fragrant, semi double, pure white, free flowering. 1.8m.
Iced Ginger Rose

Iced Ginger – FL

Fragrant, large double, pale pink to ivory flowers with coppery reverse in sizeable clusters. 90cm.
In Loving Memory Rose

In Loving Memory – FL

[Mattlign] Double red flowers in clusters are produced non stop all season on an upright bushy plant with lush green leaves. 1.2m. [PVR]
Ingrid Bergman Rose

Ingrid Bergman – H.T.

[Poulman] Very fragrant, fully double, velvet red, vigorous upright growth. 1.5m. [PVR]
Jack Frost rose

Jack Frost – FL

[Somicecart] White flowers with a slight pink blush in the bud stage. Very healthy rose with a slightly spreading growth habit. 1m. Trademarked.
Jacqueline du Pre Rose

Jacqueline Du Pre – Shrub

Musk fragrance, semi double, creamy blush to white with red stamens, repeats well on a tall very healthy plant. 1.5m.
Julia's Rose

Julia’s Rose – H.T.

Slightly fragrant, semi double, pale coppery fawn and cream, long lasting. 1m.
Julia's Secret Rose

Julia’s Secret – H.T.

[Eggjulia] Powerful fragrance, double, amber fawn and lavenderish pink, profuse. 1.2m.
Kate Sheppard Rose

Kate Sheppard – FL

Fruity fragrance, semi double flowers of salmon pink. Blooms in flushes throughout the season. Very healthy. 1.2m.
Kronenbourg Rose

Kronenbourg – H.T.

Slightly fragrant, large double flowers of crimson flushed silver and yellow. Free flowering. Sport of Peace. 1.5m.
Land of the Long White Cloud Rose

Land of the Long White Cloud – H.T.

[Maclanoflon] Huge fragrance, double, white, disease resistant, profuse. 1.3m. [PVR]
Lasting Love Rose

Lasting Love – H.T.

[Adabreton] Powerful fragrance, double, dusky red buds open to showy deep red blooms. Glossy foliage and compact growth. 1.2m. [PVR]
Lemon 'n' Lime Rose

Lemon ‘N’ Lime – FL

[Sombeethree] Double, lemon with green tinges, dark glossy foliage. 1.3m. [PVR]
Leonardo da Vinci Rose

Leonardo Da Vinci – Shrub

[Meideauri] Double, bengal pink flowers are cupped in clusters and continue through out the season. 1.5m. [PVR]
Lest We Forget Rose

Lest We Forget – FL

[Mattzac] Double, vibrant blood red, masses of flowers, repeats well all season, compact growth. 80cm. [PVR]
Love Always Rose

Love Always – H.T.

[Fryracy] Light fragrance, double large soft pink flowers on long stems. Very healthy vigorous growth. 1m. [PVR]
Love Heart Rose

Love Heart – H.T.

[Somsirwith] Good fragrance, double vibrant red blooms on long stems with few thorns. 1.5m. [PVR]
Love Me Do Rose

Love Me Do – H.T.

[Camdo] Very fragrant, double, ivory flowers open to a warm peach centre. Very free flowering on a healthy bush with glossy green foliage. 1m. [PVR]
Loving Care Rose

Loving Care – FL

[Athymovi] Very fragrant, reddy purple double flowers on a very healthy bush, flowers throughout the summer. 1.2m. Trademarked.
Luminis Rose

Luminis – FL

[Jacfabse] Sweet fruity fragrance, double clear white cup shaped flowers on a healthy plant that repeats all season. 1.5m. [PVR]
Magnifi-Scent rose

Magnifi-scent – H.T.

[Jalreddelicious] Strong damask fragrance, crimson red flowers that repeat well on a bushy plant. 1.2m. [PVR]
Mamma Mia Rose

Mamma Mia – H.T.

[Mattpavadj] Strong fragrance, large quartered flowers with tones of apricot, salmon pink. Luscious green foliage on strong stems. 1.2m. [PVR]
Margaret Merril Rose

Margaret Merril – FL-H.T.

[Harkuly] Very fragrant, delicate white tinted soft pink, good for picking. 1.3m.
Memoire Rose

Memoire – H.T.

[Korzuri] Very fragrant, double, pure white, on a lovely compact plant. 1.2m [PVR]
Michelangelo Rose

Michelangelo – FL

[Mactemaik] Orange and cream striped semi double flowers in clusters on a tall, vigorous, very bushy plant with healthy dark green foliage. 1.5m.
Mum in a Million rose

Mum in a Million – H.T.

[Poulren013] Shrub. Very strong fragrance, large old fashioned shaped soft pink toned flowers with long stems for picking. 1.5m.
My Love Rose

My Love – H.T.

[Athypacros] Very fragrant, double, white with a hint of pink, a tall vigorous plant. 1.5m. [PVR]
My Old Friend Rose

My Old Friend – FL.

Lovely small flowers of salmon apricot with a yellow centre on a very healthy plant that is always in flower. 1m.
My Precious Rose

My Precious – FL

[Mattring] Fragrant, golden buds open to soft yellow blooms of moderate size that cover the plant with healthy deep green foliage. 1m. [PVR]
NZ Gardener rose

NZ Gardener – FL

[Mattypmim] Sweet delicate fragrance, double soft apricot pink old fashioned style blooms. Healthy rich green foliage. 1.2m. [PVR]
Oranges & Lemons Rose

Oranges & Lemons

[Macoranlem] Large fully double, orange and lemon striped with foliage burgundy red turning deep green with age. 1.3m. [PVR]
Otago University rose

Otago University – H.T.

[Somduncel] Double yellow flowers on a medium tall bush with glossy green foliage. Always seems to have a flower on the plant. Released to commemorate 150th Anniversary in 2019.
Pacific Glory Rose

Pacific Glory – FL.

[Somlinone] Medium sized double flowers of lavender pink with tan tonings in the bud on a slightly spreading medium tall very healthy bush. [PVR]
Pascali Rose

Pascali – H.T.

[Lenip] Lightly fragrant, double, creamy white, vigorous compact bush, good for picking. 1.2m.
Paul Holmes Rose

Paul Holmes – H.T.

[Macwyom] Light fragrance, large double, soft creamy yellow and golden apricot, glossy rich green foliage. 1.5m.
Pavlova rose

Pavlova – FL

[Grapaula] Medium sized flowers of cream. Tidy bushy growth to 1.2m.
Phar Lap Rose

Phar Lap – H.T.

[Jaclap] Deep glowing velvet red blooms perfect for picking. Medium sized bush. 1m. [PVR]
Pope John Paul ll rose

Pope John Paul ll – H.T.

[Jacsegra] Very strong fragrance, double pure white flowers. A well shaped bushy plant. 1m. [PVR]
Princess of Wales Rose

Princess of Wales – FL

[Hardinkum] Pretty buds open into pearl white attractive blooms that smother the bush right through to Autumn, compact bush of 80cm. [PVR]
Princess Royal Rose

Princess Royal – H.T.

[Dicroyal] Beautiful golden apricot blooms of good form on strong stems with a lovely fragrance and excellent for picking. 1.2m.
Purple Pizzazz rose

Purple Pizzazz – Patio

[Somcarfume] Very fragrant, small purple magenta blooms with light reverse. Compact bush of medium height.
Purplelicious Rose

Purplelicious – FL

[Ora2347] Fantastic fragrance, fully double neatly formed rosettes of deep purple. Rounded growth habit. 1m. [PVR]
Quintessential rose

Quintessential – FL

[Somhearteen] Double pink old fashioned styled flowers with a lighter reverse. Very healthy rose with extremely dark foliage. 1.2m [PVR]
Raspberry Ice Rose

Raspberry Ice – FL

[Korweiso] Large double, silver white edged raspberry red, a tall strong healthy plant. 1.5m.
Rebecca Susan Rose

Rebecca Susan – H.T.

[Athybecca] The beautiful buds start off a pinky beige opening to a double flower of light beige, with a fantastic musky fragrance, a very healthy upright plant, in flower all season. 1.3m.
Rhapsody in Blue Rose

Rhapsody in Blue – H.T./FL

[Frantasia] Very fragrant, double flowers open plum purple and fade to slate blue. Strong grower and free flowering. 1.5m. [PVR]
Roma rose

Roma – Miniature/Patio

[Georgen] Masses of small rich red flowers that keep their bud shape as they open. Deep glossy green foliage. 80cm. [PVR]
Royal Amethyst Rose

Royal Amethyst – H.T.

[Devmorada] Huge perfume, deep lavender, repeats well, prefers sunny position. 1.3m. [PVR]
Royal Dane Rose

Royal Dane – H.T.

Very fragrant, large double flowers of orange copper with red outer petals, lovely unusual colour. 1m.
Ruby Wedding Rose

Ruby Wedding – H.T.

Slightly fragrant, shapely ruby red flowers of medium size, with loosely arranged petals when fully open. Growth bushy and tidy. 60cm.
Sally Holmes Rose

Sally Holmes – Shrub

Fragrant, large single, creamy white with yellow stamens, repeats well on a tall very healthy plant. 1.8m.
Scentimental Rose

Scentimental – FL

[Wekplapep] Sweetly perfumed, deep rich red and clean crisp white combine in eye catching harmony on a medium sized flower in small clusters, deep green foliage. 1.3m. [PVR]
Scott Base Rose

Scott Base – FL.

[Somfrilla] Fragrant, double creamy buds open to white flowers, healthy spready growth. 1m.
Shangri La rose

Shangri-La – FL

[Somromart] Masses of well formed shell pink blooms on an upright plant with a slightly spreading habit. 1.3m. Trademarked.
Simply Stunning Rose

Simply Stunning – H.T.

[Delstun] Fragrant, large deep velvety red, old world style blooms. 1m.
Sir Tristram Rose

Sir Tristram – H.T.

[Attbright] Shapely double blooms of dark velvety red. Lasts well in a vase. The blooms are very weather resistant. 1.2m. [PVR]
Smart & Sassy rose

Smart & Sassy – H.T.

[Jalbrilliant] Fragrant, tea rose shaped flowers of velvet red with golden reverse. Good for cut flower. 75cm. Trademarked.
Spiced Coffee Rose

Spiced Coffee – H.T.

[Macjuliat] Very fragrant, spicy pale amber flushed with lavender pink, sturdy upright growth. 1.2m.
St Marys Rose Rose

St Mary’s Rose

[Somcarlem] Fragrant, double, lemon centre to cream on edge of  flowers. Bushy growth. 1m. [PVR]
St Patrick Rose

St Patrick – H.T.

[Wekamanda] Soft fragrance, double, yellow with green tinge, good for cut flower, robust growth, repeat bloom is excellent. 1.2m.
Strawberries & Cream Rose

Strawberries & Cream – FL

[Horradhe] Fragrant, double, strawberry red striped cream fading to pink and cream, free flowering on a healthy plant. 1.4m.
Strawberry Blonde rose

Strawberry Blonde – FL

[Somnanmar] Very fragrant, has masses of golden apricot blooms that soften with age. Compact growth with extremely dark foliage. 1.2m. Trademark applied for.
Sunline Rose

Sunline – H.T.

[Somwarmag] Large double blooms of golden yellow with a delicate pink orange glow to the petal edge. Matt green foliage on a well formed bush. 1.3m. [PVR]
Sunny Honey Rose

Sunny Honey – FL

Fragrant, double, unusual blend of apricot and peach tones, medium sized compact bush. 1.2m.
Super Trouper Rose

Super Trouper – H.T.

[Frymerlin] Double bright orange flowers on long stems perfect for picking. Healthy with lots of flowers. 1.2m. [PVR]
Sylvia Rose

Sylvia – H.T.

[Korlift] Fragrant, fully double, clear rose pink. 1.3m.
Tess Rose

Tess – H.T.

[Macramar] Tall, ultra healthy creamy pink with huge masses of very large blooms of perfect form in the early and half way stages but becoming quartered like a cabbage rose. 1.5m.
Thank You Rose

Thank You – Patio

[Athyou] Fragrant, small double soft pink flowers on a compact healthy plant, profuse. 60-80cm. [PVR]
Tom Brown Rose

Tom Brown – FL.

Very fragrant, double orangy brown flowers with reverse brownish red, bushy growth. 1m.
Truly Amazing Rose

Truly Amazing – H.T.

[Athydoug] Fragrant, semi double red to apricot and pink in bud, opening to a large soft apricot pink flower with yellow and red stamens. Healthy bush. 1.2m.
Waimarie Rose

Waimarie – H.T.

[Mattwai] Fragrant, rich mauve pink rosette shaped flowers above reddish green foliage. Strong grower with medium to tall bushy habit, good disease resistance. 1.3m. [PVR]
White Meidiland Rose

White Meidiland – Groundcover/Shrub

Slightly fragrant, pure white flowers in clusters on a bushy spreading plant. 60cm.
William McCarthy rose

William McCarthy – Shrub

[Jalwilliam] Fragrant, double silver pink flowers in small clusters on a bushy well branched plant. 1.2m. Trademarked.
Wonder Royale City Rose

Wonder Royal City Rose – FL

[Jalapri] Beautifully formed hybrid tea type blooms of salmon pink, good for cut flower. 1.2m. Trademarked.