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Modern Climbers


All My Love Climbing Rose

All My Love – Climber

[Grakita] Sweet fragrance, clusters of large classically shaped pink flowers on a compact climber suited for smaller spaces. Strong upright bushy growth. [PVR]
Bantry Bay Climbing Rose

Bantry Bay – Climber

Fragrant, large semi double, pink, free flowering. 5m.
Birthday Present Climbing Rose

Birthday Present – Climber

Very fragrant, double, shapely flowers of dark red on a vigorous plant, prolific, flowers Nov-Dec. 4m.
Blackberry Nip Climbing Rose

Blackberry Nip – Climber

[Somwallip] A vigorous climbing form of the well known Blackberry Nip, it has the same deep purple blooms with a stunning old fashioned fragrance. 4m. [PVR]
Blue Moon Climbing Rose

Blue Moon – Climber

H.T. Very fragrant, well formed double flowers of silvery lilac. Flowers only intermittently after its first blooming. Might not get any flowers in the first season. 3.5m.
Casino Climbing Rose

Casino – Climber

Fragrant, fully double, large soft yellow on a healthy plant. 3m.
Cherry Kisses Climbing Rose

Cherry Kisses – Climber

[Grachloe] A compact climbing rose with clusters of large, frilly, double, pinkish mauve flowers. Nice foliage with upright bushy growth. 1.8m. [PVR]
Coconut Ice Climbing Rose

Coconut Ice – Climber

[Horlovesong] Fragrant, double, pinky white, very profuse and prolific, vigorous and healthy. 3m. Trademarked.
Compassion Climbing Rose

Compassion – Climber

Very fragrant, double, salmon pink shaded apricot orange on a very healthy plant. 3m.
Cupcake Rose

Cupcake – Climber

[Mattcisa] Sweet fragrance, double soft pink cup shaped blooms. Masses of flowers cover this rose and repeat well. 4 to 5m [PVR]
Double Fragrance Rose

Double Fragrance – Climber

[Somdeewell] H.T. Very fragrant, large double, deep dark black red. Climbing sport of Deep Secret. 3m.
Dublin Bay Climbing Rose

Dublin Bay – Climber

[Macdub] Fragrant, double, deep red, on a healthy plant. Very free flowering. 3m.
Eiffel Tower 2000 Climbing Rose

Eiffel Tower 2000 – Climber

[Delrugro] FL. Light fragrance, semi double, luminous dusky ruby red, healthy vigorous growth. 3m.
Elfe Climbing Rose

Elfe – Climber

[Tanefle] Very double creamy white and green tinged flowers on a plant with good foliage and continuous flowering. 3m. [PVR]
Fourth of July Climbing Rose

Fourth of July – Climber

[Wekroalt] Large open flowers of yellowish cream splashed, streaked and striped with vivid red. Very vigorous and healthy, forming a large spreading shrub, or can be trained as a big climber. 3m. [PVR]
Golden Future Climbing Rose

Golden Future – Climber

[Horanymolle] Strong fragrance, large double flowers of medium yellow, vigorous and healthy. 4m. Trademarked.
Iceberg Rose

Iceberg – Climber

Fragrant, semi double, pure white, free flowering. 5m.
Indigo Knights rose

Indigo Knights – Climber

[Chewpurplex] Fragrant, masses of small double crimson purple flowers on a vigorous climbing rose. 3m. [PVR]
Kaimai Sunset Climbing Rose

Kaimai Sunset – Climber

[Somtabco] Double, rustic copper buds opening to unique terracotta shades, dark shiny foliage, free flowering. 3m. [PVR]
Kaiteri Gold Climbing Rose

Kaiteri Gold – Climber

[Chewsofree] Semi double soft golden yellow flowers fading paler, free flowering, moderately vigorous. 3m. [PVR]
Lady Barbara Climbing Rose

Lady Barbara – Climber

[Chewba] Fragrant, perfectly formed tangerine orange with deep yellow reverse, profuse. 3m.
Leaping Salmon Climbing Rose

Leaping Salmon – Climber

[Peamight] Very fragrant, large well formed, salmon pink, vigorous healthy growth. 4m. [PVR]
Midnight Rambler Rose

Midnight Rambler – Climber

[Chewdarkjest] Amazing deep purple flowers on an upright patio climbing rose. Healthy foliage. 2m. [PVR]
Morning Light Climbing Rose

Morning Light – Climber/Pillar

Slightly fragrant, large clusters of delicate, long, shapely peach apricot buds open to soft pearly pink blooms with apricot centres. 3m.
Nahema Climbing Rose

Nahema – Climber

[Deleri] H.T. Very fragrant, very dark pink buds open into a delicate pastel pink blooms with old world cupped form. Good for picking. 3m. Trademarked.
Peace Climbing Rose

Peace – Climber

Pleasant scent, large double yellow flushed pink, vigorous growth. Plant in a warm position. 4.5m.
Pierre de Ronsard Climbing Rose

Pierre de Ronsard – Climber

Light fragrance, fully double flowers of creamy white tinged with pink. Very free flowering on a healthy plant. 3m.
Red Flame Climbing Rose

Red Flame – Climber

[Adabaring] An intensely fragrant rose with red large hybrid tea flowers. Good for picking. Healthy and vigorous. 2.5m. [PVR]
Swan Lake Climbing Rose

Swan Lake – Climber

Fragrant, double, almost white with pink tinge, profuse. 3m.
The Daisy Rose Rose

The Daisy Rose – Groundcover/Climber

[Athyfalaa] Fragrant, small single flowers of white with yellow stamens. Heaps of flowers on a healthy spreading plant. Can be grown as a groundcover up to 75cm or as a climber up to 2m. Was…
Uetersen Climbing Rose

Uetersen – Climber/Pillar

Large clusters of bright deep pink frilly blooms with a refreshing fragrance, free flowering. 2m.
Wedding Bells Climbing Rose

Wedding Bells – Climber

Double, lovely soft pink, foliage lush green, vigorous and healthy. 3m.