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Modern Climbers


All My Love Climbing Rose

All My Love – Climber

[Grakita] Sweet fragrance, clusters of large classically shaped pink flowers on a compact climber suited for smaller spaces. Strong upright bushy growth. [PVR]
Coconut Ice Climbing Rose

Coconut Ice – Climber

[Horlovesong] Fragrant, double, pinky white, very profuse and prolific, vigorous and healthy. 3m. Trademarked.
Cupcake Rose

Cupcake – Climber

[Mattcisa] Sweet fragrance, double soft pink cup shaped blooms. Masses of flowers cover this rose and repeat well. 4 to 5m [PVR]
Double Fragrance Rose

Double Fragrance – Climber

[Somdeewell] H.T. Very fragrant, large double, deep dark black red. Climbing sport of Deep Secret. 3m.
Dublin Bay Climbing Rose

Dublin Bay – Climber

[Macdub] Fragrant, double, deep red, on a healthy plant. Very free flowering. 3m.
Eiffel Tower 2000 Climbing Rose

Eiffel Tower 2000 – Climber

[Delrugro] FL. Light fragrance, semi double, luminous dusky ruby red, healthy vigorous growth. 3m.
Indigo Knights rose

Indigo Knights – Climber

[Chewpurplex] Fragrant, masses of small double crimson purple flowers on a vigorous climbing rose. 3m. [PVR]
Lady Barbara Climbing Rose

Lady Barbara – Climber

[Chewba] Fragrant, perfectly formed tangerine orange with deep yellow reverse, profuse. 3m.
Red Flame Climbing Rose

Red Flame – Climber

[Adabaring] An intensely fragrant rose with red large hybrid tea flowers. Good for picking. Healthy and vigorous. 2.5m. [PVR]