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Old Fashioned Bush/Shrub Roses

Agnes Rose

Agnes – Rugosa

Fragrant, double, medium yellow, very healthy. 1.8m.
Ballerina Rose

Ballerina – Hybrid Musk

Small single, clear pink flowers on an arching shrub. 1.2m.
Buff Beauty Rose

Buff Beauty – Hybrid Musk

Fragrant, double, buff yellow to apricot, on an arching plant. 1.5m.
Canary Bird Rose

Canary Bird

Fragrant, single, bright yellow, flowers spring to early summer. 2m.
Comte de Chambord Rose

Comte de Chambord – Portland

Fragrant, double, rich warm pink. 1m.
Duchesse de Brabant Rose

Duchesse de Brabant – Tea

Fragrant, double, cupped clear pink to rose, free flowering. 1m.
Frau Dagmar Hastrup Rose

Frau Dagmar Hastrup – Rugosa

Very fragrant, single, silver pink. 1m.

Fruhlingsduft – Shrub

Very fragrant, double, soft lemon yellow, flowers October to December. 2m.
Fruhlingsgold Rose

Fruhlingsgold – Shrub

Very fragrant, large semi double, golden yellow, flowers Oct-Nov. 3m.
Fruhlingsmorgen rose

Fruhlingsmorgen – Shrub

Fragrant, large single pink with lighter centre, flowers Oct-Nov can repeat later in the season. 2m.
Fruhlingstunde Rose

Fruhlingstunde – Shrub

Fragrant, semi double, light pink, flowers Oct-Nov. 2m.
Fruhlingszauber Rose

Fruhlingszauber – Shrub

Fragrant, large semi double, deep pink, flowers Oct-Nov. 3m.
Greensleeves Rose

Greensleeves – FL.

Fragrant, semi double, flowers in clusters start of pinky buff and fade to an icy green. Can last a long time on the plant before they need dead heading. 1m.
Gruss an Aachen Rose

Gruss an Aachen – FL.

Richly fragrant, double, creamy white, makes a lovely compact bush. 1m.
Hugo Roller Rose

Hugo Roller – Tea

Strong fragrance, double lemon yellow flowers with crimson outer petals. Upright growth. 1.5m.
Jean Ducher Rose

Jean Ducher – Tea

Very fragrant, double, soft salmon pink to peach pink, free flowering. 1.5m.
Lady Roberts Rose

Lady Roberts – Tea

Strong fragrance, double flowers of apricot with copper undertones. Blooms in flushes throughout the season. 1.2m.
Louise Odier Rose

Louise Odier – Bourbon

Very fragrant, very double, rose pink clusters, profuse. 2m.
Mme Isaac Pereire Rose

Mme Isaac Pereire – Bourbon

Very fragrant, fully double, purplish deep pink, strong vigorous plant. 2m.
Morning Mist rose

Morning Mist – Shrub

Lightly fragrant, large single salmon pink flowers that repeat but also bears a large crop of hips. 1.5m.
Nancy Steen Rose

Nancy Steen – FL.

Fragrant, double, pale pink and cream, profuse. 1.5m.
Paree White Rose

Paree White

Double white cupped flowers on a small compact healthy plant. 1m.
Perle d'or Rose

Perle d’or – China

Fragrant, small double, creamy buff yellow to pink clusters. 1m.
Rosa Canina Rose

Rosa Canina – Species

Single light pink to white, mild fragrance, tall arching vigorous growth. Flowers Nov-Dec. 3m.
Rugosa Vanguard rose

Rugosa Vanguard – Hybrid Rugosa

Strong fragrance, medium to large double flowers in a blend of pink, orange and yellow. May be a once a season blooming but some have labelled it as repeat blooming. 2.5m.
Trigintipetala Rose

Trigintipetala – Damask

Very fragrant, double clear pink, profuse, flowers Nov-Dec. 2m.