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Old Fashioned Climbers/Ramblers

Albertine Rambler Rose

Albertine – Rambler

Richly fragrant, coppery pink, flowers Nov-Dec. 4m.
Awakening Rambler Rose

Awakening – Rambler

Very fragrant, fully double, soft blush pink, free flowering. 3m.
Clair Matin Climbing Rose

Clair Matin – Climber

Slightly fragrant, semi double, pale salmon pink, free flowering. 4m.
Etoile de Hollande Climbing Rose

Etoile de Hollande – Climber

Very fragrant, double, deep crimson. 3.5m.
Lorraine Lee Climbing Rose

Lorraine Lee – Climber

Very fragrant, double, rosy pink, has unusual coloured stems and beautiful young red leaves. 6m.
Mme Alfred Carriere Climbing Rose

Mme Alfred Carriere – Climbing Noisette

Very fragrant, double, white to blush pink, makes a nice healthy climber. 4.5m.
Parade Climbing Rose

Parade – Shrub/Pillar

Fragrant, fully double, deep rose pink, profuse. 3m.
Phyllis Bide Climbing Rose

Phyllis Bide – Climber

Slightly fragrant, small double, lemon, cream and pink. 4m.
Seafoam Climbing Rose

Seafoam – Ground Cover/Climber

Lightly fragrant, double, creamy white clusters, shiny healthy foliage. 2m.
Veilchenblau Rambler Rose

Veilchenblau – Rambler

Very fragrant, small semi double, lavender purple clusters with yellow stamens, flowers Nov-Dec. 5m.
Wedding Day Climbing Rose

Wedding Day – Climber

Fragrant, single, white, flowers Nov-Dec. 9m.
White Sparrieshoop Climbing Rose

White Sparrieshoop – Climber

Fragrant, single, white, free flowering. 3m.