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Standard Roses Budded on 800mm Stems

Aotearoa Rose

Aotearoa – 800mm Standard

[Macgenev] H.T. Very fragrant, double of perfect form, soft salmon pink, profuse. [PVR].
Black Knight Rose

Black Knight – 800mm Standard

H.T. Very fragrant, double, crimson shaded blackish, vigorous.
Blushing Pink Iceberg Rose

Blushing Pink Iceberg – 800mm Standard

[Proberg] FL. Fragrant, semi double, a blend of white brushed with exquisite pink on a healthy plant with masses of flowers all season. Trademarked.
Brilliant Pink Iceberg Rose

Brilliant Pink Iceberg – 800mm Standard

[Probril] FL. Fragrant, semi double, bright cerise pink and silvery white, free flowering. [PVR]
Burgundy Iceberg Rose

Burgundy Iceberg – 800mm Standard

[Prose] FL. Fragrant, semi double, burgundy flowers cover the plant all summer, free flowering. [PVR]
Celtic Cream Rose

Celtic Cream – 800mm Standard

[Dicxcalibur] H.T. Fragrant, double, lime lemon tinted bud opening to a large rich golden cream, good for picking.
Charlotte Rose

Charlotte – 800mm Standard

[Auspoly] Very fragrant, medium to large cup shaped, soft yellow on a bushy plant. [PVR]
Christchurch Rose

Christchurch – 800mm Standard

[Fryleyeca] H.T. Rich orange flowers that are produced in profusion on matt green foliage. [PVR]
Claude Monet Rose

Claude Monet – 800mm Standard

[Jacdesa] H.T./FL. Very fragrant, double flowers of apricot & yellow with stripes of pink, good disease resistance, vigorous with good repeat blooming.
Crimson Bouquet Rose

Crimson Bouquet – 800mm Standard

[Korbeteilich] H.T. Double vibrant crimson blooms with lustrous dark foliage. Sturdy and compact very healthy bush. [PVR]
Darcey Bussell Rose

Darcey Bussell – 800mm Standard

[Ausdecorum] Fruity fragrance, double rosettes of a deep rich crimson with a tinge of mauve as flower ages. Very free flowering. [PVR]
Eldorado Rose

Eldorado – 800mm Standard

[Jacspri] FL. Double perfectly shaped deep golden yellow blooms, very free flowering with compact growth. [PVR]
Elina Rose

Elina – 800mm Standard

[Dicjana] H.T. Slightly fragrant, large double perfectly formed pale creamy yellow flowers on a strong healthy plant.
Eye Paint Rose

Eye Paint – 800mm Standard

Shrub. Single, scarlet with white eye, profuse.
Friesia Rose

Friesia – 800mm Standard

FL. Very fragrant, double, bright unfading yellow, profuse.
Glorious Rose

Glorious – 800mm Standard

[Interictira] H.T. Fragrant, large double, clear mid yellow flowers with light to mid green glossy foliage, good repeat flower.
Hamilton Gardens Rose

Hamilton Gardens – 800mm Standard

[Macpadspo] H.T. Large double, perfectly formed flowers of cream, soft apricot and peachy salmon on a vigorous free flowering plant. [PVR]
Happy Child Rose

Happy Child – 800mm Standard

[Auscomp] Delicious tea rose fragrance with cupped flowers of deepest yellow. [PVR]
Hayley Westenra Rose

Hayley Westenra – 800mm Standard

[Tangust] H.T. Fragrant, double, shades of apricot with highlights of cream and peach, good repeat flowers. [PVR]
Heaven Scent Rose

Heaven Scent – 800mm Standard

[Orafarcom] H.T. Very strong fragrance, double flowers of lilac blue, good for picking and a vigorous grower. [PVR]
Iceberg Rose

Iceberg – 800mm Standard

FL. Fragrant, semi double, pure white, free flowering.
In Loving Memory Rose

In Loving Memory – 800mm Standard

[Mattlign] FL. Double red flowers in clusters are produced non stop all season on an upright bushy plant with lush green leaves. [PVR]
Jacqueline du Pre Rose

Jacqueline Du Pre – 800mm Standard

Shrub. Musk fragrance, semi double, creamy blush to white with red stamens, repeats well on a tall very healthy plant.
Jubilee Celebration Rose

Jubilee Celebration – 800mm Standard

[Aushunter] Delicious fruity rose scent with hints of lemon and raspberry. Large domed flowers are of a lovely rich salmon pink with tints of gold on the underside of the petals. Very free flowering. [PVR]
Just Joey Rose

Just Joey – 800mm Standard

H.T. Fragrant, large, coppery orange, profuse.
Kathryn Mansfield Rose

Kathryn Mansfield – 800mm Standard

H.T. Delightful old world fragrance, double, lavender, prolific growth on an upright bush.
Kathryn Morley Rose

Kathryn Morley – 800mm Standard

[Ausclub] Light tea rose fragrance, double cupped, clear soft pink. [PVR]
Leonardo da Vinci Rose

Leonardo Da Vinci – 800mm Standard

[Meideauri] Shrub. Double, bengal pink flowers are cupped in clusters and continue through out the season. [PVR]
Love Me Do Rose

Love Me Do – 800mm Standard

[Camdo] H.T. Very fragrant, double, ivory flowers open to a warm peach centre. Very free flowering on a healthy bush with glossy green foliage. [PVR]
Loving Care Rose

Loving Care – 800mm Standard

[Athymovi] FL. Very fragrant, reddy purple double flowers on a very healthy bush, flowers throughout the summer. Trademarked.
Loving Memory Rose

Loving Memory – 800mm Standard

[Korgund] H.T. Lightly fragrant, large double, crimson scarlet on strong stiff stems. Good for cut flower and exhibition.
Margaret Merril Rose

Margaret Merril – 800mm Standard

[Harkuly] H.T./FL. Very fragrant, delicate white tinted soft pink, good for picking.
Munstead Wood Rose

Munstead Wood – 800mm Standard

[Ausbernard] Strong old rose fragrance. Buds are a light crimson becoming a very deep velvety crimson as the flower opens. A healthy bushy shrub. [PVR]
Pacific Glory Rose

Pacific Glory – 800mm Standard

[Somlinone] FL. Medium sized double flowers of lavender pink with tan tonings in the bud on a slightly spreading medium tall very healthy bush. [PVR]
Paddy Stephens Rose

Paddy Stephens – 800mm Standard

[Macclack] H.T. Perfectly formed blooms of warm coral orange and salmon on a vigorous free flowering plant. [PVR]
Pat Austin Rose

Pat Austin – 800mm Standard

[Ausmum] Very fragrant, large deeply cupped, bright copper on the inside of the petals, with pale copper yellow on the outer sides, good strong growth. [PVR]
Seafoam Climbing Rose

Seafoam – 800mm Standard

Lightly fragrant, double, creamy white clusters, shiny healthy foliage.
Sharifa Asma Rose

Sharifa Asma – 800mm Standard

[Ausreef] Very fragrant, double rosette form of blush pink fading to almost white on the outer petals. Short upright growth. [PVR]
St Marys Rose Rose

St Mary’s Rose – 800mm Standard

[Somcarlem] Fragrant, double, lemon centre to cream on edge of  flowers. Bushy growth. [PVR]
Strawberry Hill Rose

Strawberry Hill – 800mm Standard

[Ausrimini] Very fragrant, double medium sized pure rose pink flowers paling to a lighter pink at the edges. Beautiful at all stages, extremely healthy. [PVR]
The Endeavour Rose

The Endeavour – 800mm Standard

[Ausdisco] Strong fruity fragrance, double full blooms of salmon pink, bushy growth. Trademarked.
The Fairy Rose

The Fairy – 800mm Standard

Clusters of small pink flowers, profuse.
Wildeve Rose

Wildeve – 800mm Standard

[Ausbonny] Fragrant, double rosette shape, blush pink in bud opening to flowers of blush touched with apricot. Long arching branches on a wide mounding shrub, makes a good ground cover with a mass of flower.…
Windermere Rose

Windermere – 800mm Standard

[Aushomer] Delicious fruity fragrance, double full blooms of rich cream paling to almost pure white. Very free flowering on a compact plant. [PVR]
Wollerton Old Hall Rose

Wollerton Old Hall – 800mm Standard

[Ausblanket] Very strong fragrance, beautiful very rounded flowers of soft apricot fading to cream. Bushy upright growth, extremely healthy. [PVR]